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Group overview

What is mutual love COCO ...

Kyoai Gakuen Maebashi International University is a student organization that was established in 2014 when it was adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a "base development project for the earth (knowledge)" (university COC project). In the university COC project, universities are required to collaborate with society to conduct community-oriented research, education, and social contributions, and to develop human resources who can contribute to solving local issues.

As part of this, we have set up a regional problem-solving project subject, "Regional Project Work," and the students gathered there have launched a student project, "Kyoai COCO ." Although the classes are completed on a yearly basis, the curriculum is designed so that students can continue to participate by setting up three classes: A (beginner), B (tutor), and C (leader). In addition, taking advantage of the characteristics of a voluntary student project, we apply every year for the "Yama-Sato Support Team Activities" carried out by the Gunma Prefecture Rural Development Division, and carry out community support activities in the Hiraide village in the Fujiwara district of Minakami Town (Weekend Mimamori). Corps) is continuing.

Group name: Kyoai COCO (Kyoai here)

Representative: Miju Sakaki International Course 3 years

Established: 2015-7 years

Area of activity: Hiraide Village, Fujiwara District, Minakami Town (see the figure on the right)



Mimamori Corps

This is a local activity in the Hiraide village in the Fujiwara district of Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture. Members take turns visiting three to four times a month to help local residents and make door-to-door visits.

It also aims to pass down traditional culture by participating in local events.

Under the slogan of " becoming a grandchild of the community, " we carry out activities that are close to the residents. One of the goals is to build better relationships through regular visits.


We started opening stores in Maebashi Marche in 2021, and have participated in Bakukura Marche (Maebashi City Arts and Culture Brick Warehouse) and Babakkawa Marche (Maebashi City Shopping Street).

We mainly sell Minakami vegetables, casta network shops, and screen videos of the traditional culture of Hiraide, the lion dance.

At Marche, we aim to convey the charm of Minakami to the city .

Web creation / management

We have been producing and managing this site since 2022. We will disseminate and save the daily activities of Kyoai COCO such as weekly regular meetings, Mimamori Corps, Marche, etc. by updating them from time to time through our website.

In addition, we will strive to operate the site so that it will serve as a contact point for people who are interested in Kyoai COCO .


This project, which started in 2022, aims to capture the scenery and life of Hiraide, Fujiwara-ku in photographs and save it as a photo book . When I go to Hiraide for activities such as the Mimamori Corps, I will collect materials by taking pictures and showing materials related to Hiraide, and I plan to make one work within this year.

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